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Welcome to the voyance developer’s manual where you’ll learn how to build reports, machine learning models, deploy machine learning models into production with ease in a short time also without writing a line of code and data analytics with voyance platform.

Quick Start

New to voyance? We know documentation can be so daunting. We have highlighted some topics for you to have a better understanding of the product.


The overview landing page allows you to manage everything about the platform from the area of Data engineering, ML development, ML operations.

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The top navigation bar of the overview includes the following features:

Credit: this is the number of units used to run your computation for your organisation.

User icon: this is the name of the organisation or team."

Notification bar: this is the bar to notify you on any updates, or changes on the platform.

ML Development

Use AutoMl, Visual Al, and more to build machine learning models in minutes.

ML Operations

Use Mlops to deploy,monitor and manage machine learning models in production.

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