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ML Operations

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Ml Operations

Voyance ML operations allow you to be able to deploy the model which you have trained and built, monitor the performance of the model and manage the models in production.

From the ML operation, when you click on Go to MLops, it takes you to the deployment dashboard which allows you to view the total deployment, total prediction, service health, data drift, and accuracy summary.

It also shows you how to manage your deployment processes. Some Ll operation elements to consider include:


Deployments Deployment is a way of integrating the model which has been completed into an existing production environment, to make practical business decisions.

Under the deployment layout, there are feature elements you will be able to view, which include the following:

Deployments: you can view the total number of deployments
Total prediction: it shows you the total numbers of predictions the model was able to generate.
Service health: it shows the health of the model.
Accuracy summary: it shows the fraction of prediction the model got right.

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You can search for any deployment by typing the keywords or the deployment name. Click on the search bar and use the keywords to search for the deployment.

Delete selection

To delete any deployment, select the deployment you choose to delete and then click the delete selection button on the top right to delete.

Deployment List

This shows how you can view and manage the deployment dashboard. It reveals a clearer view of the deployment with additional information in each one. You can multi-select if you want to delete the deployments you created.

These additional feature elements include:

Deployment Name
Data Drift
Average prediction/day
Last prediction

To view the details of any deployment, click on any of the deployment, it will show comprehensive details about the deployment. It shows you the deployment overview, service health, data drift, accuracy and prediction.

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