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You can view and create datasets from the dataset dashboard.

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Getting Started

Manage Datasets

You can view and manage datasets from the datasets dashboard.

Dataset List View

With this list, you can view the details of the datasets generated from the data source which allows you to manage the datasets. The following element of the dataset list view includes:

Dataset Name: This is the name of the dataset uploaded
Data Type:This is the area where the dataset was uploaded.
Uploaded On: this is the day, month and year it was uploaded
Action: you can decide to keep or delete the dataset.

Creating Datasets

The datasets interface is where you build your queries. You can import datasets from different data sources. When you click on create datasets, it directs you to import dataset where you can import your datasets from different sources.

Choosing a Data Source

The data source documentation contains information regarding the available data source features and settings and instructions on how to connect a data.

To view information about a specific data source, check out our list of data sources you can connect to in voyance.

Supported Data source

CSV Upload
Amazon Redshift

From CSV Upload

Click the CSV upload, select the file to upload from any file on your system

Import from MySQL

To import datasets from my SQL, click on my SQL choose the database you intend to import datasets from. In case the database you intend to import from is not found or intend to add another database to the list of your My SQL, you can add a new database by clicking on add another database.

Search datasets

To search for a dataset from the dashboard, use the keywords or name of the dataset you are searching for.

Viewing datasets

You can view every dataset which has been uploaded from your data sources on the datasets dashboard by clicking on any of the datasets you want to view. You can download the dataset by clicking on the download button at the top right corner of the dashboard.

Delete/Disconnect Datasets

To delete a dataset, click on delete on the Action menu icon.

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